The Different Types of Pre-Built or Prefab Homes


The range of the prefab homes keep on growing. They are built with the use of the assembly line kind of construction and such is also seen to be a cheap alternative to such regular bricks and mortar home. Here are a few of the types of pre-built homes which you can go for.

There is the modular home which his built in various parts in the factory environment and then transported later to the permanent place of residence. When this would arrive at the building location, the individual parts are then put together in order to create such structurally sound home. Those individual modules are being fully outfitted in the factory with items such as closets, stairs, electrical points, doors and plumbing. Everything is in place and the parts are being assembled. You must know that constructing the modular home from the initial order to moving this to the region would take around 3 to 4 months.

Also, you can go for the Pre-Built Homes Lake City. They are being built in more parts as compared to those modular homes. For instance, these kind of homes are built in one wall or panel at a time. When the panels are prepared, they are then being moved to the place of residence in order to complete the construction. Also, the individual panels aren’t totally finished in the factory and they require extra work such as the installation of flooring, the stairs, the cabinetry as well as the painting on-site.

Though the panelized home is built with more parts as compared to those modular homes, the total time before such would be ready to use is about four months. The main structural panels would take a week to put up and the interior fit out would take a month or more.

There is also the New Homes Lake City which is the same with the kit home such as the dome homes or those amazing log cabin kits. The parts of the home are cut in the factory and they are then shipped to the build site for the construction to be done. So many of these kits are made to be self-built and they are also practical for such enthusiastic DYer.

Know that the kit is packed with all of the materials and step-by-step guide to make it easier for you to put together. But, they may also be constructed with the general contractor’s help. The building time for such pre-cut home is four to five months.

There is also the shipping container home which is actually a refurbished steel container for shipping which is  converted into a usable house. They are pieced together or stacked to make those creative and unique designs. They would give a strong and  sturdy build however they are not as popular as the other options and they also have several building restrictions.


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